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Your KEY to Chinese Teaching & Learning
A Portal for Comprehensive Chinese Learning Targeting:

  • 1. Beginning learners
  • 2. Students aiming for Chinese language qualifications
  • 3. Learners aspiring for broader language competency
  • 4. Teachers of Chinese

Comprehensive Curricula

Our programme leads students along the path to international exams and beyond, helping them build a deep understanding of the Chinese language and of China.

Cultivating Key Competencies

We build a solid foundation in pinyin, pronunciation, reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students develop a clear understanding of Chinese grammar and a mastery of Chinese vocabulary.

Videos and Audio Text

One of our keys is our rich multimedia content database. Our video and voice actors bring our Chinese dialogues to life, to create an engaging and effective language learning environment.

Exercises based on up-to-date educational theory

All our exercises are designed with specific learning objectives and intelligently monitor students’ progress and learning.

Powerful Analytics

Our online platform automatically marks exercises and answers are analysed to provide teachers with valuable feedback tools to monitor their students’ progress. Our system tracks areas of improvement for students to keep their learning relevant and effective.

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Edutainment: Games as effective learning tools

Our fun online games are designed to help learners acquire vocabulary effectively, consolidate Chinese grammar rules, and facilitate the learning process.

Customisable and Printable

Our games, activities and exercises are easily customisable for your classroom. This means no matter what topic, grammar point, or vocabulary group you are covering, the right worksheet is always only a few clicks away.

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