As educators, we know how important it is for teachers to have the right resources.

Each student, teacher and classroom is different, so it is our wish to empower educators with tools that are flexible in any classroom.

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Games and Activities

It is our belief that an interactive classroom is an effective classroom for both teacher and student.

    By using games and activities in language learning, we aim to:
  • Encourage students to use Chinese in a variety of ways
  • Engage other senses and skills to enhance retention of vocabulary
  • Consolidate the learning students do in the classroom
  • Expose students to grammar patterns across a range of contexts to build deep understanding
  • Provide teachers with supplements to classroom teaching
  • Complement textbook material with activities that reinforce learning
Below is a sample game for vocabulary learning. This game uses vocabulary taken from the GCSE Chinese syllabus, but can be customised to match any teaching requirements.

Customisable Classroom Supplements

We know how the right worksheet can help the student make the right progress.

Teachers are busy people, and have to meet many demands. We provide customisable worksheets that teachers can easily download, edit and use in their classrooms.

We target skills that students typically struggle with and require extra practice at home.

Simply click, download and enjoy!

Learning tips

We understand that learning Chinese can be a special challenge for English speakers.

As such, it is vital that students know they are supported along the way. Beginner learners in particular can feel that the task of learning Chinese is a daunting one, with new pronunciation and an unfamiliar script, and so any tips and tricks that help ease the process are always welcome.

As we all know, a mastery of pinyin is essential for understanding Chinese pronunciation and starting the learning process. Although some of the sounds can be tricky for English speakers, this video will show you that even the newest sounds can be tackled and mastered!

Another vital part of Chinese pronunciation is the language’s tone system. In this video we show students how they can find Chinese tones in the English that they already speak every day!