Our online Chinese learning programme provides students with a varied learning experience and uses technology to maximise learning efficiency.

We know that Chinese can be daunting for students. From our own experience teaching and studying Chinese, we have designed a platform that answers both student and teacher needs.

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Learning features of our programme include:

  • Use of video and multimedia to enhance context and retention
  • A balance between text-based and non-text-based learning
  • Intelligent repetition of vocabulary and grammar – we ensure students see language points enough to retain what they learn
  • Content that is informed by exams but maintains broader learning goals
  • Language that is complemented by cultural knowledge

Features that support teachers include:

  • Intelligent tracking of students’ performance so teachers can easily manage their students’ learning
  • An online platform that monitors students’ strengths and weaknesses and responds accordingly
  • Customisable games and activities that suit a range of levels and classrooms
  • A support network for teachers